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Destiny 2: The Revelry Review

Destiny 2’s The Revelry is a celebration of life and of the Guardians that protect both the Last City and the Solar System (by killing everything in sight). So, in celebration of our undying, nigh-immortal selves, the Tower has become bedecked in blossoming flowers, as we immerse ourselves in the joyous chaos of Revelry.

Fallen Captain by Shadinski Cosplay

Re-capturing my interest in Destiny 2 after a few month hiatus, The Revelry seems like a herald of positive change, with the Activison-Bungie partnership falling further and further into the past. So, excited to step into the shoes of my Voidlock once again, inspired in many parts by an incredible Fallen Captain cosplay seen at Supanova 2019, I set a course for the Verdant Forest.

The Verdant Forest, accessed through The Tower map, is a gauntlet mode that challenges you to complete as many ‘Branches’ as possible, with enemies getting progressively harder the further you progress. Fireteams of up to three will progressively move further and further through the Infinite Forest, thematically bedecked in flowers and greenery, clearing adds, and unlocking doorways.

You’ll be racing against the clock, trying to get as far as you can before the timer ends, the simulation destabilises, and you enter the final phase of the Forest. Guardians will begin with just under four minutes, and each enemy killed will add a little bit of extra time to the run. Teamwork and cooperation is key in the Forest, with multiple Guardians completely shredding tougher opponents, such as the Daemons that guard the doors.

You should also keep a look out for loot chests that will spawn on their own little segments attached to the main branch. They are often quite conspicuous and will grant an additional eight seconds for each Guardian who loots the chest, for a possible total of 24.

The Verdant Forest runs will progress much smoother if you utilise Supers in a synergistic way, clearing out groups of adds in the blink of an eye, and dropping Orbs of Light to charge the next Guardian. Then the process repeats as you continue to progress.

While on the topic, great Supers for The Verdant Forest are those that can do massive damage and cover large areas in a single hit, such as Nova Bomb, Blade Barrage, Hammer of Sol etc. But that doesn’t mean roaming Supers cannot be wielded to great effect in the Forest. After all, you know your playstyle and Guardian better than I do.

Much like many other activities in Destiny 2, The Verdant Forest matchmaking comes down to chance as to whether you get a team that will understand what to do and how to execute the vision. However, since the Event has been going on for quite a while at this point, it’s highly likely that most Guardians have been through the Forest at least once.

Having inexperienced players can dampen the efficiency of the experience somewhat, so if you are grinding out certain objectives and want to get as far as possible without delay, it is advised to come with a premade fireteam and enter the firewalled version (no matchmaking).

The further you manage to travel within the Forest, the more time you are awarded at the end to take out a suite of five bosses. This is where synergistic Super use will shine, dealing hefty damage to the boss and taking out some adds for good measure, thus creating Orbs to continue the cycle of destruction.

The bosses do not bring any new mechanics to the challenge of The Verdant Forest, essentially being tougher versions of standard enemies you may face throughout the course of the game. These include a beefy Cabal Centurion, giant Vex Minotaur/Mind, Hive Knight etc.

The more bosses you kill, the greater number of chests you’ll be rewarded, and the higher chance you have at scoring some sweet Inaugural Revelry armour. The armour itself has a nice aesthetic but isn’t anything incredibly distinctive or groundbreaking. That is, unless you can get the helmet ornament from randomly rolling purchasable packages from Eva.

Dropping an assortment of non-event gear and Inaugural Revelry armour, Eva’s packages, bought for 75 Reveler’s Essence apiece, have a chance to drop a helmet ornament, which will imbue your event helmet with coloured antlers. These antlers will only be visible during The Revelry. What’s more, the antlers will grow larger and shine brighter depending on how much Revelry armoury you wear at a time. You just might want to take them off if you enter the Crucible though. You don’t want to end up like Bambi’s mum after all…

Eva will also provide weekly and daily bounties for players to complete, offering Powerful Armour and Reveler’s Essence, respectively, as rewards. There is a Triumph known as Bountiful Spring which requires you to complete 50 bounties during The Revelry. This has to be completed as part of the total eleven Triumphs, if you wish to earn a limited Revelry Emblem.

Answered Call

The second (or first depending on how you look at it) Event Emblem, Answered Call, can be claimed from Bungie Rewards for free, once you have eliminated 150 enemies with Super abilities.

For those that are running short on infusion materials, the Verdant Forest offers a Daily Quest simply requiring you to eliminate two bosses within the simulation. It doesn’t matter whether you kill one or both per run, as long as two bosses are cut down. Doing so will grant you some highly-coveted Enhancement Cores.

By far the best part of The Revelry is the inclusion of Reveler’s Essence, a special currency that you can not only use to purchase items from Eva but significantly speed up the cooldowns of your grenades, melee, or class ability. Active for a single hour and toggleable from the Reveler’s Tonic you get from Eva, each buff costs 50 Reveler’s Essence and can be used in any activity. Whether you choose to play Crucible, Strikes, Patrols, Raids or anything else, you can enjoy sweet, swift ability cooldowns.

When each specific buff is active, your grenades and melee will recharge in 5-6 seconds, while your class ability will reset in 7-8 seconds. However, this buff is enhanced depending on the number of Inaugural Revelry or Vernal Growth Armour pieces you are wearing. The latter set can be acquired through Eververse. Wearing a full set can provide you with a full grenade or melee charge approximately every three seconds.

As an added bonus, Reveler’s Essence will drop in varying amounts from every single activity you participate in during The Revelry.

The main reward is the new Exotic Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle (that was a mouthful) Arbalest, which absolutely shreds through shields of any elemental type and deals hefty damage to hostiles. To unlock this fantastic Exotic you will need to complete seven Revelry Triumphs which don’t take long, at which point you can purchase Arbalest for 300 Reveler’s Essence.

The Arbalest is definitely the pinnacle of The Revelry. Once the novelty of the Verdant Forest wears off or you acquire the full Inaugural Revelry armour set, there really isn’t much to do. That being said, considering that The Revelry is a free event and the fact that we have the ability to reduce cooldowns in all activities, it’s actually a lot of fun.

Adding a new activity as a form of palette cleanser, new armour, and permeating the worlds with several ability buffs caters The Revelry towards every Guardian, regardless of whether or not you step into the Verdant Forest.

In this regard, The Revelry is a fantastic celebration of Guardians and a great boon to the competitively minded, especially since those reduced grenade cooldowns work in the currently active Iron Banner. If you haven’t already, come and enjoy The Revelry, Guardians.

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