Steel Yourself For Paladins’ Steel Forged Update

Strap on your greaves, polish your pauldrons and put on your helmet, the sparks from the anvil of Paladins‘ Steel Forged update are on the horizon. Was that metaphor too long? Possibly, but we haven’t got the time quench that particular curiosity.

This new update sees the arrival of a brand new Battle Pass, which we are getting with fantastic regularity, and sees the end of the futuristic style cosmetics. This is a good thing. Much like previous Battle Passes, Steel Forged will cost 600 Crystals and will come with a host of instant rewards as well as brand new skins to work towards. Barik fans, you can breathe easy now.

Steel Forged is unique in the fact that particularly diligent players can unlock up to eight new Epic skins. The first four are essentially recolours of the second four but they are badass recolours.

As soon as the Steel Forged Battle Pass has been purchased, you will unlock Steel Forged Androxus. I know, I know Androxus has a lot of skins, and did had his Battle Suit cosmetic in the Battle Suit Battle Pass a few months ago. But, in Evil Mojo’s defence, this skin does look excellent. There are dragon wings on the gun, where can you go wrong.

You will also receive the Dragon’s Forged Avatar, a gorgeous fantasy-inspired (duh) Loading Frame, and a 50% boost to Battle Pass experience.

You’ve waited long enough so Evil Mojo have kindly put Steel Forged Barik as the Level 10 reward. Gloriously inspired by Norse warriors Barik has evolved into who he is deep down. A beer swilling, tinkerer with a love of song and elegantly trimmed beards.

Following not-so-shortly after at Level 40 is Steel Forged Imani who simply looks stunning, capturing a majesty and grace befitting the last of the Warders. And her Dragon looks properly ferocious, all grinning teeth and face spikes. This is not a duo you want to meet on the battlefield.

Taking the top spot for a Battle Pass yet again is Mal’Damba, with his Steel Forged look. I could go on and on about his mighty brass pauldrons, his curved mask, the crystals set into said mask, and the flowing cape. But that would be remiss because his snake has a goddamn pipe, beard, and spectacles. It is the ever classic combo of deadly warrior and wise wizard in one impressive package.

Forging in fire is a potent way of imbuing your weapons with strength and a razor’s edge but forging in Dragon fire transcends the weapon beyond the norm. If you complete the first 50 levels of the Steel Forged Battle Pass, you will unlock the Battle Pass Plus track, and it’s Dragon Forged goodies.

With eyes that look as if they’ve glimpsed the depths of Hel and explored the mysteries of Svartalfheim, Dragon Forged Barik will be available for those who reach Level 20 (essentially Level 70).

Filling her core with draconic fire and crimson body armour, Dragon Forged Imani will ignite the Realm, if you can reach Level 30.

Covered in steel plate, Dragon Forged Mal’Damba is a fearsome sight, appearing larger than life and willing to end those who get in his way. And yet, the snake is still very distracting. That beard took commitment. Much like the commitment you’ll need to reach Level 40.

Steel Forged Androxus may have been the first skin you can get but Dragon Forged Androxus, evolved and ruthless will require you to reach Level 50. He won’t go easily.

As with previous Battle Passes, you can earn fun goodies such as Avatars and Sprays, such as cute Barik in a mead barrel. This is definitely a mood.

For all the Seris fans out there (me), Cottontail Seris will be available for purchase as a new DLC, available June 5th, for $7.99 USD which is roughly around $11-12 Australian. You will also get 100 Crystals along with this great new skin, though it is a little weird we can see her eyes.

For fans of our Godslayer and Wekono’s Chosen, both Androxus and Mal’Damba will be getting their Golden Mastery Skin variants. These will be available for anyone who reaches the lofty goal of Level 50 on that Champion.

We’ve come in from the desert now, into the marketplace with a new Siege map known as Bazaar.

An utterly beautiful map featuring warm tones and an abundance of statues and and greenery that contrasts with the muted browns and yellows.

Based on the fox statues and the external scenery, Bazaar lies close to the Shattered Desert and could be the feature of some intriguing lore in the future. Bazaar has already become my favourite map.

With the arrival of Steel Forged will come the third Ranked Split of the year with a couple new challenges and rewards. If you win five games, you will earn a Gold Chest roll. For 25 Ranked wins, you will earn the Vanguard, an exquisitely-designed Avatar of Ash, our beloved War Machine and the rising star of the current Street Style event.

While the fashion battle rages on, those of the Steel Forged and Dragon Forged castes wait eagerly for their turn on the front lines. Steel Forged will be up on the Paladins PTS soon and will be releasing fully in the next few weeks.

Take it easy Realmlings.

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