Voting Has Begun For The Paladins Community Skin Finals

As the Paladins: Champions of the Realm Community Skin Contest swiftly approaches its finale, the first and final round of voting has begun. With over 650 submissions detailing skin ideas for Lian, Talus, Grover, and Ash, the best concepts have been selected and presented for your voting pleasure. Whichever concept receives the most votes per Champion will be made into a skin players will be able to purchase.

Each submission brings a little pizazz and incredible character design into the Realm.

My personal favourite, shared with a Ska’drin Ash, is Soulbriar Grover by Alexis Pflaum. As a Support main, Soulbriar Grover fills my heart with joy as the concept is both incredibly ominous and thoroughly badass.

Unfortunately there was a removal of a Talus skin from finals of the contest, due to the artist having drawn a Nazi variant of Evie, complete with swastika. Due to this imagery and depiction not fitting with Evil Mojo’s values and views, they have removed IMPossible Talus from the running.

If you did vote for IMPassable Talus, you can edit the form to cast your vote for another skin. Like the gorgeous nature-styled Satyr Talus by Yurimoro.

Voting for each skin concept will close on May 22nd 2019 at 6pm ET and if you want to have a say in four new cosmetics entering Paladins, don’t delay.

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