To My Readers….

Good evening (or morning) lovely people. This is my first time saying something like this and it is entirely on me that I haven’t done it sooner. Frankly, it is abysmal I haven’t said this sooner.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading my gaming-related ramblings, articles, guides, and reviews. When I first started blogging, my handle was ‘the apocrypha’ because I loved the mystery and enigmatic nature of the word. I also tend to use big words because I like how they sound, oops.

That was back in, I think 2016, when my writing wasn’t anywhere near as good as it is today. In a delightful twist, I am sure that in a couple years my writing today will look basic compared to where I end up.

Now, I operate under the moniker of ‘topsyturvygamer’ because I am a little topsy turvy and all over the place. I’m a little quirky, little weird, but I love gaming in all its forms.

I started my blog to do three things; to improve my writing, to act as my growing portfolio to help me enter into the gaming industry, and to (semi)coherently vent about video games and new releases. Over the years, I’ve had an absolute blast writing for this blog, talked with amazing people, and played some truly incredible games that I couldn’t wait to write about.

Currently, has amassed 275,000 reads and 215,000 visitors. While this may not seem like much, especially compared to larger channels and websites, I am floored by this. Floored to the point my anxiety flares up a little.

So thank you. Thank you to every single person who has read anything I’ve written. I am so grateful that you have helped forge me into the person, and the writer I am today.

This blog has not only filled my personal time with a hobby I love, it helped me get a job in a writing-based field, and helped me get accepted into a game design course, with my ultimate goal to be a narrative writer.

Where I am currently may not be where I want to stay but I love writing, I love games, I love Froot Loops (too much, some might say), and I love you guys. And a special shoutout has to go to my 84 WordPress followers, I am honoured you would support me in such a way. You’re all rad!

But I’m not done in the slightest. And we will resume your regularly scheduled programming, soon.

Paul 🙂

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