How To Take Down Rage 2’s Cyber Crushers

The Cyber Crushers within Rage 2 are powerful and heavily-resistant mutants, enhanced by the advanced technology of The Authority. Going up against them for the first time can leave you frustrated. However, these mighty beasts are quite simple to eliminate.

Cyber Crushers are immune to all forms of attack, from Hyper Cannons to Slams and need their weak spots to be exposed in order to deal damage.

The blue circle on the Cyber Crusher’s chest is your target. Dealing damage to this area will cause the CC to go into a form of recovery phase, with two blue plasma cores rising from the augmentations on the mutant’s back.

You will need to destroy both of these cores to remove the Cyber Crusher’s invulnerability. When one is destroyed, the mutant will immediately rise back up to challenge you, hiding the second core. Even if you don’t destroy a core, the Cyber Crusher will still rise after a a short period of time.

Once both cores are destroyed, the cranial augmentations will explode, leaving the head exposed. Now is the time to finish the job. The Cyber Crusher will have full health again but focus on hitting those headshots and it will go down in no time.

While you are attempting to exterminate the Crusher, you’re going to want to heavily use your Dodge Dash to avoid the suite of Laser Blast, Laser Beam, and melee attacks the mutant can dish out.

Good luck and happy hunting, Rangers.

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