Dauntless: How To Cut Through Boreus’ Armour

Among the myriad of Behemoths you will face in Dauntless, Boreus can be difficult to take down, due to the periodic sheathing of its entire body in impenetrable frost armour.

The fight with Boreus begins much like any other Behemoth. First you discover it, then start laying down the punishment with an array of War Pikes, Repeaters, Swords, Hammers etc. However, once a significant amount of damage has been dealt to Boreus, it will cover its body in defensive ice and attempt to retreat.

This is when the sky will fill with a variety of adds, seeming at first to be nothing but an annoyance. Each of these smaller beasts, once slain, will allow you to deal damage to Boreus. This is a stackable buff, so the more of the flying dragon-things you eliminate, the more strikes you can land on Boreus’ armour.

Typically it will take a large number of these beasts to generate the requisite strikes in order to strip the ice from Boreus and is more time-consuming and slightly irritating than overly challenging. Of course, if you allow yourself or your team to get swarmed, especially at higher difficulties, things can get a little difficult.

The number and variety of the Stalkers, Spitters, and Bombers you will encounter during a skirmish with Boreus will depend on the strength of the Behemoth itself and the number of Slayers you are attacking with.

Just keep on killing Boreus’ posse and landing strikes on his frost-covered body until his armour fades away, signalling its weakness.

Happy hunting Slayers.

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