Paladins 2019 Community Skin Winners Announced

It’s finally happened, Evil Mojo have announced the four winners for the most recent community skin contest.

The new skins will be developed internally over the coming months, beginning with the concept art being fitted to internal models, then animated and all the other fun, game design-y things.

Alexis Pflaum did extremely well, not just getting one design selected, but two. My Support-loving self is just giddy to see Grover getting a skin that is truly badass. Soulbriar is physically imposing and does a complete 180 on his personality.

As for Dark Monarch Lian, she has a look in her eyes that simply says, ‘Try me. You will regret it” and the sharp angles on the weapon just seal the deal.

Arty Snaps was the talented winner of the Talus portion of the competition, with the amazing Monkey King/Wukong skin. This cosmetic exudes a playful mischievousness which holds true to the core of Talus’ character.

Finally, we have the incredible Ska’drin Ash designed by Ilustra Dart. This skin holds an astounding amount of detail and will be quite the challenge to animate and put into the game but will be so worth it.

These four skins will be released in January 2020 as part of a Battle Pass, so there will be unfortunately be a little bit of a wait until players can get their hands on the new skins.

Congratulations to the three winners and all the finalists and always remember to help your Supports and Front Lines.

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