Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep Expansion Signifies A Dark Turn To The Past

Over the course of Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 we have faced innumerable threats, from the lowest Dreg to Hive gods and have emerged triumphant. With Destiny 2‘s recently revealed expansion, Shadowkeep, releasing on September 17th, old horrors have re-emerged, including the mighty Crota.

Shadowkeep is all about tapping into what makes Guardians afraid, using psychological elements to layer on an air of sublime horror and subtle-yet-effective atmosphere building. While Shadowkeep will tap into the darker side of the universe, the good news is you can now embrace the fight against the Darkness on all platforms, with cross save. Jump between Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and continue your adventure.

To convey just how dark the story is getting, Eris Morn has returned, bringing tidings from the Moon, of horrors she has unleashed into the Solar System. These Nightmares are manifestations of a Guardians past and their battles with the Darkness but these cannot be easily killed.

Remnants of your foes from the Red War, Dark Below, Black Garden, and so many more have been ressurected, haunting the surface of the Moon, waiting to cast all Guardians into shadow.

With the arrival of Shadowkeep, Guardians will be able to return to the Moon. Not the Moon of Destiny 1, as it’s darker, and full of strange happenings. Cracks filled with glowing light spider the surface and a menacing Scarlet Fortress casts a frightening silhouette against a sky that once seemed so peaceful.

Destiny 2 is leaning further into the Darkness than ever before, following the ominous delving into the sinister nature of the universe and our place in it. It began with the revenge story in which we mercilessly hunted down Prince Uldren after the death of Cayde and seems to form a bridge to the darker tone of Destiny 3, if leaks are to believed.

In a leak from AnonTheNine, Destiny 3 will focus on a new race of beings known as The Veiled, which have long been waiting for the Traveler to wake, so they can siphon its power to awaken their God. Apparently, with the arrival of The Veiled, Guardians may be tapping into the Darkness, with subclasses based on the encroaching dark, even as we’re imbued with Light.

Adding to the carnage and the delightful speculation, the Shadowkeep Raid will be set within the Black Garden, the site of the first campaign of Destiny 1. Even though we destroyed the Black Heart, a force linked naturally to the Darkness, the Black Garden still thrives, blooming with an amalgam of technology and nature, filled with whispering secrets.

When Shadowkeep arrives, Guardians will be able to take advantage of a whole new suite of RPG-based perks and abilities. You’ll be able to apply the effects of any unlocked mod to any armour piece and will be able to tinker with Artifacts. These Artifacts allow you to unlock special perks, the last tier of which, according to Bungie’s vidoc, are reasonably close to the power of an Exotic.

And this isn’t to mention the assortment of new Exotics players will be able to collect and master. From a scoped Hand Cannon that fires special ammo and can potentially light the user on fire from overuse to a Trace Rifle that creates one massive crit spot, Shadowkeep has Exotics covered.

Arriving in September, Shadowkeep will be the first major expansion where Bungie is completely in control of their own…destiny and hopefully the darker narrative they are weaving will be nightmarish and thrilling. For too long Guardians have been unwavering beacons signifying the unstoppable force of the Light and it will be good to see what makes a Guardian afraid.

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