Io, The Shattered Goddess Enters The Realm Alongside Shore Patrol Battle Pass

Once broken by the very darkness that now ravages the Realm, Io, the Shattered Goddess has emerged, unwillingly fighting to protect the Paladins from being shattered, as she was. Urged by Jenos to join the fight, Io is the latest Support Champion to come to Paladins, slated for a mid-July release.

She is also the very first Support Champion with a bow! Io’s Light Bow is capable of firing a 400 damage crescent arrow every 0.6 seconds. With a design that is reminiscent of Cassies bow, before the crossbow, Io can deliver a steady stream of crescent-shaped energy arrows, with no damage falloff.

Io’s alternate fire is known as Moonlight a precision-initiated healing ability. Moonlight will heal an ally for 135 health every 0.15 seconds until it runs out. Moonlight will regenerate when not in use. In order for Moonlight to function you have to look at your target and once ‘locked’ you can look slightly to the left or right but looking away can break the heal.

Guardian Spirit will summon Luna the fox to your side, able to stun enemies marked by your Light Bow every 15 seconds. Luna is a semi-permanent summon and can be re-summoned to a new location every 8 seconds, getting her out of harm’s way or advancing as needed. Luna makes use of a light, light, heavy attack chain, dealing hefty damage and prioritising the hostile Io has marked last. For the first deployment and for subsequent redeployment if Luna dies, Guardian Spirit is on an eighteen second cooldown.

Luna can even be used to capture the point or move the Siege Engine. Luna has a base health pool of 3500 and since she technically is a deployable, will be affected by Bulldozer.

Lunar Leap is Io’s movement ability, sending her careening backwards, creating distance while still allowing her to fire her Light Bow. If you begin healing an ally then enter Lunar Leap, you can still maintain Moonlight, even as you’re flying backwards.

Begone is Io’s Ultimate and sends out an ethereal manifestation of Luna, sweeping up any enemies in its path and dealing 800 damage when they collide with a wall or object. You could even use Begone similar to Torvald and drag people off the sides of the map.

Io, while looking incredibly fun to play, is not the only thing coming to the Realm with the Sun and Moon update. The next Battle Pass, dubbed Shore Patrol is bringing sand, surf, and babes. And yes, they finally took off Koga’s shirt.

Upon purchasing the Shore Patrol Battle Pass, you’ll instantly unlock Shore Patrol Kinessa, the Beach Bash Loading Frame, and the Charming animated Avatar.

Not wanting to deny the fans after such a long wait, Shore Patrol Koga is the level ten reward, with the first aid-themed claw, ironically used for cutting more than bandages.

Level 30 sees the arrival of ultra-buff Shore Patrol Fernando and the new standout star, surprised-and-slightly-in-awe shark.

Upon reaching level 50, players will earn the Shore Patrol Lian skin, with a harpoon gun taking the place of her regular rifle. Very on theme. If you complete the main track and undertake the Battle Pass Plus, you can earn limited recoloured variants of these skins.

The most important thing coming with the arrival of this Battle Pass is the player-friendly Battle Pass challenges. Over the last few BPs, there have been a few challenges that were quite difficult unless you had a specific set of conditions. Now, Tiers 1-5 will be more thematic and focus on specific Champions. With the Battle Pass Plus challenges, all of the tiers will unlock between levels 51-56, each awarding 1,000,000 experience each, so you can tackle them all at once or whittle them down bit by bit, right from the start.

Unfortunately, there’s no cool mount coming with the Shore Patrol Battle Pass (even if they have been a tad lacklustre recently). But fear not, as the Sacred Wolf Pack, costing $9.99 USD is here to aggressively bring you to the forefront of battle. With the purchase of this DLC pack, you’ll even get 200 Crystals as an added bonus. Fun fact, the Paladins Sacred Wolf is a recoloured version of a similar wolf in Realm Royale.

Not yet finished with the cosmetics, two more Champions from the Realm are getting their anticipated Gold skins.

Both Lian and Kinessa are getting these lovely skins for players to show off their mastery and skill. Simply reach level 50 and receive the Golden Skin and Weapon for free. I know at least one person who is going to be ecstatic over Kinessa finally getting her Golden Skin (Valk, this shout out’s for you).

When it comes to Champion balance, it’s important to give players what they want and for fans of both Lex and Androxus, Evil Mojo have decided to provide us with Talents reversing their weapons back to how they were a fair few months ago.

In the case of Androxus, the Cursed Revolver Talent frees his revolver from semi-automatic purgatory, increases damage, reduces fire rate, and maintains the base accuracy when fired.

When it comes to Lex, Death Hastens also frees his Magnums from their semi-automatic state, increasing time between shots, more than doubling damage, and reducing ammo count. Players will be able to truly play the way they want.

Onto Ranked now and Evil Mojo have decided to rotate maps in with each Split. This upcoming Split will see maps such as Fish Market, Jaguar’s Gate, Brightmarsh, Bazaar, and more, stay in an active rotation, while Stone Keep, Frog Isle, Ice Mines, and Timber Mill will remain in reserve until the next Split.

With Split 4, winning 5 games will net you a Gold Chest while winning 25 games will earn you the Tyra-themed Avatar, ‘Unrelenting’.

Speaking of Chests, Paladins has two new additions to the store. First, the Ice Cold Chest, arriving July 24th will bring a suite of cold-themed cosmetics for a price of 200 Crystals per roll. With favourites such as Ice Walker Inara, the Frostmare Mount, and Merrymaker Lian, it’ll be the perfect time to snag some of these exclusive skins if you missed out in the past.

On the opposite end of the temperature spectrum is the Draconic Chest, bringing fiery themed skins to the Realm on August 14th, for 300 Crystals per roll. Drakefire Tyra, Brimstone Grohk, the Molten Prowler, and Hemlock Willo are just a few of the great skins you can find in the Draconic Chest.

Personally, I’m just waiting for more additions to the other chests, particularly the Diamond. I’ve got eight rolls of the Diamond and am currently (im)patiently waiting for new stuff to be added.

For a full list of the large number of bug fixes, Champion balances, Io’s cards, and more, make sure to check out the official Paladins patch notes for Sun and Moon. Until next time, play well Realmlings.

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