All The New Iceborne Armour Sets. Master Rank Is The New G-Rank

It simply wouldn’t be Monster Hunter if we weren’t hunting down vicious beasts, laying them low, then harvesting their bodies for materials to make fashionable outfits and Iceborne doesn’t disappoint. With an assortment of gear craftable from the denizens of Hoarfrost Reach to new Master Rank sets, there is plenty to keep hunters occupied.

Master Rank gear, revealed with little video snippets on the official Monster Hunter Twitter account, is taking the place of previous G-Rank and is essentially a tier where monsters benefit from increased stats. Taking them down will require greater determination, skill, and coordination but will result in powerful new rewards, particularly in the form of new armour sets, such as the Black Diablos Master Rank set, above.












Of course, with the foray into the frozen wastes of Hoarfrost Reach comes a whole new selection of durable armours forged from the recently-killed bodies of assorted monsters. Some of the armour, according to a Gameinformer interview, can even protect you from the biting cold. Let’s take a look at a few of the new and returning sets.




Dire Wolf




Velkhana will drop incredibly intricate armour reminiscent of cathedrals caked in ice, with towering spires crowned by frost-kissed spikes.

Even without being the Elder Dragon, this armour design alone is enough to have hunters everywhere scrambling to farm the pieces needed to don this mighty set.


Yukumo is a layered armour set you can acquire by pre-ordering a copy of Iceborne.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne will be released on the 6th September 2019, giving us a little under two months to wait. Hopefully, more armour sets will be released as the release gets closer.

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