Destiny 2 Exotic Review: Bad Juju

“If you believe your weapon wants to end all existence, then so it will” – Toland the Shattered.

At long last the infamous Bad Juju Pulse Rifle has returned into the hands of Guardians in Destiny 2. Created by the legendary Warlock, Toland the Shattered, Bad Juju benefits from infinite reloads if you pick your shots well. Combine it with a certain piece of Warlock gear and you have quite the formidable build on your hands.

The intrinsic Exotic perk is known as String of Curses which refills the 27-round magazine and boosts damage on a kill. String of Curses is a stackable buff which will grant you a portion of Super energy based on how high your String of Curses is, up to five. If they ever were, Thralls and War Beasts will no longer be a problem thanks to a near endless supply of bullets.

Steady Rounds serves to greatly increase stability but slightly decrease range, offset by Hammer-Forged Rifling which greatly increases range. Hip-Fire Grip provides increased stability and accuracy when firing from the hip, while the Short Action Stock greatly increases handling speed, allowing you to flow from kill to kill.

Bad Juju thrives in PVE, a balanced form of weaponised destruction that brings a flow to the battlefield; unending streams of bullets augmented by a faster Super recharge, then repeat. But of course, Crucible will allow Bad Juju to get its fair share of action as well. Due to Supers being so essential and game-changing in competitive modes, the fact you can bolster your Super charge to deliver another Nova Bomb, Golden Gun, or Fist of Havoc, can make you a force to be reckoned with. But first, you’ll need to score some kills.

And with Bad Juju’s full-auto firing mechanism, you can just hold the trigger and point the gun in the general direction of hostile forces. When compared to it’s original iteration in Destiny 1, Bad Juju 2.0 does feel more balanced and powerful, despite the perks remaining the same. This is a relief when you consider how much grinding Guardians have to do in order to acquire Bad Juju.

Bad Juju can be particularly effective for Voidlocks using the Skull of Dire Ahamkara which charges your Super depending on how many kills you score with your Nova Bomb. Then you make up the difference with String of Curses to get your Super charged for the next group of foes. In this way, Bad Juju can be synergistically utilised to great lethality in PVE and PVP, particularly if enemy Guardians chose to stick together.

We are currently in the Season of Opulence and Emperor Calus is really going to make you pay if you want to wield Bad Juju. It all starts by traveling to the Nessus Barge and paying 5000 Glimmer to open the chest next to Werner 99-40. This will result in an invitation from the Emperor to travel to his Tribute Hall, to your Tribute Hall.

Starting off empty, the Tribute Hall can fill with interactive statues commemorating your victories and achievements. To gain access you’ll first need to complete one of the Emperor’s bounties, which will result in you being granted a Boon.

Now, in order to unlock the green chest in the centre of the Hall, you’ll need to acquire and place Tributes, which can be done through unlocking specific Triumphs, located in Destinations – Tribute Hall, or through purchasing them.

If you decide to purchase the Tributes, be prepared to spend a lot of resources, which include Planetary Materials, Bright Dust, Glimmer, and Legendary Shards. To offset some of the cost, you can complete daily bounties for Calus with each one lowering the cost by 1%, up to a total discount of 80%.

You’ll need 18 Tributes in order to place the statues of five of Calus’ War Beasts, requiring you to complete The Other Side. This mission transports you to an Ascendant Realm, complete with a small army of Taken you will need to blast away. You can complete this mission with a Fireteam or solo as there isn’t any time limit or dark zones. You can die as many times as you like without progress being reset. Once the final boss is dead and dusted, you can return to the Tribute Hall and claim your weapon!

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