Oh Borderlands 3 And Its Gun Shenanigans!

Showing off exactly the reason why so many people love Borderlands, IGN have released a short Twitter video showing some of the quirkiest guns in the upcoming Borderlands 3. And in the case of one, it’s quite cheesy.

It’s hard to go past a gun that’s called Butt Plug and the fact that it does bonus damage when you melee an enemy’s butt, well that just *ahem* seals the deal.

The GunGun has me very intrigued about the drop rate of weapons from it’s muzzle. Are there special conditions involved? Can you endlessly farm rarer weapons with the GunGun? Do the weapons scale with your level or the gun level? Only time will tell.

IGN also did a feature on the nine different gun manufacturers that will be present within Borderlands 3, showing off their brand-specific perks. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Jakobs: Deal more damage per hit than other weapons and bullets have a chance to ricochet towards other enemies if you score a critical hit.
  • Dahl: Switch between two firing modes which are randomised per weapon.
  • Children of the Vault: COV weapons have no ammo capacity but will overheat after a certain period of non-stop fire.
  • Hyperion: Increased stability the longer you hold down the trigger. Gun-mounted shields activate when you look down the scope.
  • Maliwan: Able to switch between two different element types. Hold down the trigger and release to deliver a powerful pulse shot.
  • Atlas: Fire trackers for smart homing bullets. Only get one tracker burst per clip.
  • Torgue: Switch between rounds that explode on impact and rounds that stick to enemies and explode on impact.
  • Vladof: Have an assortment of under barrel attachments such as rocket launchers and tasers.
  • Tediore: Explodes like a grenade when reloaded, becomes a mobile turret, or aerial drone.

A minute long video for each manufacturer takes viewers through a few guns of each type. Here are a few of my favs:

The weapons in Borderlands 3 are unsurprisingly more polished and crisp than previous iterations and have all of the standard wackiness we have come to expect from Gearbox. Being as how we’ve only had a tiny subset of the weaponry we can expect when the full game drops, there is undoubtedly a lot more craziness waiting in the wings. And I for one, cannot wait.

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