Exotic Review: Sweet Business

“…I love my job.” Ever wanted to run around wielding a rapid firing red and white minigun? Me neither, and that’s what makes the Sweet Business so much better. Benefitted with heavy damage, a large magazine and surprising range, the Sweet Business is the perfect Exotic for all your Kinetic weapon needs. The Sweet Business … Continue reading Exotic Review: Sweet Business

Exotic Review: Riskrunner

Charge your soul and let your electrons sing. The Riskrunner. The first ever Exotic Submachine gun has come to Destiny 2. The Riskrunner is a very rapid firing weapon that at times can suffer from some major instability and notable damage fall off. This is not a weapon used at the longer ranges. Riskrunner utilises the Intrinsic … Continue reading Exotic Review: Riskrunner

A Note On ‘Destiny 2’ Weapon Mods

So traversing through the Destiny 2 beta I was amazed by the sights and sounds of this amazing sequel. Firing shot after shot with the myriad of amazing weaponry that they have gifted us to test out, I felt a high I hadn't felt in such a long time. There was a new story to undertake … Continue reading A Note On ‘Destiny 2’ Weapon Mods

Exotic Review: Sunshot

"Can't outrun the sunrise" - Liu Feng The Sunshot is an Exotic handcannon with some pretty impressive stopping power. This solar powered gun utilises the Intrinsic Perk Sunburn which allows it to fire explosive rounds and highlights enemies that take any damage from Sunshot. The highlighting system is not incredibly noticeable, especially in fast paced combat … Continue reading Exotic Review: Sunshot

‘Destiny 2’ Beta Trailer And Exclusive Beta Rewards

Players and fans of Destiny have known about the Destiny 2 beta for a while now but with an official trailer for the beta, as well as an accompanying blog post from Bungie, we have more stuff to talk about. Story and Strike Beta players for Destiny 2 actually get a surprising amount of content beginning on July … Continue reading ‘Destiny 2’ Beta Trailer And Exclusive Beta Rewards

‘Destiny 2’ Rumours Have Been Circulating About The Beta Date

Destiny has had a great run ever since it was released on September 9th, 2014, growing into a wonderful universe and now with Destiny 2 on the imminent horizon, fans have begun to speculate about the release date for the beta. The reveal that there will be a Destiny 2 beta was met with a huge amount of … Continue reading ‘Destiny 2’ Rumours Have Been Circulating About The Beta Date

‘Destiny 2’ Is Finally Getting Dedicated Severs In A Way

It is that time of the week again folks and Bungie have released their latest blog post "This Week At Bungie", and boy does it have some interesting information in it. In a little back-and-forth interview by Deej with Destiny 2 Engineering Lead Matt Segur, Bungie revealed that each and every activity in the upcoming sequel … Continue reading ‘Destiny 2’ Is Finally Getting Dedicated Severs In A Way