Skyrim Modwatch: Mystic Barrage Spells

For this edition of Skyrim Modwatch, I thought we could delve into some truly devastating destructive spells, with the Mystic Barrage Spell mod created by Hypertion utilising some assets from Hecatic Graea by Elysees. This mod grants you access to a series of four very powerful spells that come in two variations - Normal and Voice. If you … Continue reading Skyrim Modwatch: Mystic Barrage Spells

‘Yooka-Laylee’ : Guide To Yooka’s Edible Powers

In this nostalgic return to the genre of the 3D platformer, both Yooka and Laylee, have an assortment of abilities that make combat and solving the myriad of puzzles that scatter the world, a lot easier. One of these powers, which can be seen as many different powers all in one, is Yooka's ability to … Continue reading ‘Yooka-Laylee’ : Guide To Yooka’s Edible Powers