Titanfall 2: Monarch Titan Guide

The Monarch Titan is an ideal mech for those Pilots who pride themselves on staying alive and dominating the battlefield. If you are, and I will be blunt here, either crazy on the battlefield or are just no good at staying alive, then maybe the Monarch isn't for you. Stats Monarch is a mid-range Titan … Continue reading Titanfall 2: Monarch Titan Guide

New Trailer Showcases Monarch Titan’s Abilities

A few days ago we were given an excellently put together trailer showing off what is coming to Titanfall 2 through the Monarch's Reign update. Today, we have been given a more personal and closer look at the Monarch Titan with a brand new trailer. The Monarch Titan is the IMC's version of a Vanguard Class … Continue reading New Trailer Showcases Monarch Titan’s Abilities