Titanfall 2: Ion Titan Guide

Stats The Ion Titan is a versatile, but complex Titan that is not capable of dealing incredible amounts of damage in straight bursts. With Ion's Splitter Rifle, just blindly firing at a hostile entity will not be the most effective way to take them down, due to its precision nature. Precision shots magnify the damage of … Continue reading Titanfall 2: Ion Titan Guide

Titanfall 2: Scorch Titan Guide

Stats Since the Scorch Titan deals damage in a focused way, it has the highest possible damage output for the Titans but as a consequence, the Thermite Launcher that Scorch utilises is quite slow to fire and prepare.Scorch was designed to absorb heavy punishment, having a high defence stat allowing it to be in open … Continue reading Titanfall 2: Scorch Titan Guide

Titanfall 2: Tone Titan Guide

Stats The Tone is a middle-ground Titan and deals a spread of damage over time with a giant Tracker Cannon that fires reasonably quickly.This Titan has mid-range health which causes it to absorb a lot more punishment than weaker Titans, allowing it to remain in direct combat for a longer period of time and thus … Continue reading Titanfall 2: Tone Titan Guide

‘Titanfall 2’ Creative Play

Titanfall Smash This may be an obvious one but the Titanfalls can be used for more than just a rapid deployment of your giant death mech. It can also be used to deliver quick and shocking retribution and destruction from above. Say you have an opposing Titan that is not moving insanely quickly, activate your … Continue reading ‘Titanfall 2’ Creative Play