Exotic Review: Transversive Steps

  In these boots, your relationship with consistent spacetime is...tenuous at best. Making your Warlock turn into a glowstick from the knees down is always a good look and the fact that the Transversive Steps pretty much render reloading (at least in part) a thing of the past, makes these glow boots even better. The … Continue reading Exotic Review: Transversive Steps

‘Destiny Vendor Spotlight : The Wormwood

The Wormwood. Most likely if you have spent any time at all within Destiny after the drop of Rise of Iron you would have heard about this sidearm. This beast of a sidearm. Originating from the Future War Cult or FWC as they are also known, this sidearm is quite effective for use in PVE and the … Continue reading ‘Destiny Vendor Spotlight : The Wormwood

The Legend Lives On : The Iron Lords (Part One)

If you have played through the Rise of Iron story, you will have learned of the terrible fate that befell the Iron Lords leaving only two, Efrideet and Saladin, to wait for the SIVA virus to once again surface and terrorise the world. But what were the Iron Lords like - at least those known closely by … Continue reading The Legend Lives On : The Iron Lords (Part One)

Exotic Review : Dunemarchers

Whether on solid rock or shifting sand dune, the inexorable Sand Eaters never slow their pace. Performance The Dunemarchers are a general Titan exotic that provides the most stoic Guardians a bit of extra speed. This means that you can run a high armour build while still maintaining incredible agility. The exotic perk, Speed Demon … Continue reading Exotic Review : Dunemarchers

How The Iron Banner Has Changed With ‘Rise of Iron’.

Iron Banner. Even if you have spent a fraction of time within this game you most likely have heard of this monthly event where you test your skills against other players and hone your Light into an unstoppable force. It has been around for pretty much the entirety of Destiny's life and has been popular ever since … Continue reading How The Iron Banner Has Changed With ‘Rise of Iron’.

‘Rise of Iron’ : Iron Banner Primary Weapons Overview

As we all know (because presumably we have been playing it) the first Iron Banner of Rise of Iron has finally come and weapons have been dropping left, right, centre, upside down and back the front. In the eyes of some, they are terrific and in the eyes of others, they are not worth picking up … Continue reading ‘Rise of Iron’ : Iron Banner Primary Weapons Overview

Exotic Review : Trespasser

"You are not welcome." - Unknown "I beg to differ." - Shiro-4 Lore The Trespasser is the personal sidearm of Cayde-6's elite scout, Shiro-4, marked, scratched and kit bashed during the uncountable months Shiro-4 spent out braving the wilds beyond the City. It may look interesting but trust that it has ended more conversations than … Continue reading Exotic Review : Trespasser