Prepare For Titanfall: ‘Titanfall 2’ Monarch DLC Is Coming

Respawn is keeping up its spree of amazing content known as 'Monarch's Reign'. This mostly free DLC features one of the greatest things any Titanfall 2 add-on could bring, and that's a new Titan. Among other things, what makes this DLC so spectacular is the arrival of the Monarch Titan, a devastating devil in red...armour plating. The … Continue reading Prepare For Titanfall: ‘Titanfall 2’ Monarch DLC Is Coming

Titanfall 2: Ronin Titan Guide

Stats The Ronin Titan, while being one of the faster Titans in the game, has middling damage that based on the nature of the shots, can cover a fairly wide range. The combination of the Ronin's abilities allows it to deal increased and sustained damage over a short period of time.This Titan, while being quite … Continue reading Titanfall 2: Ronin Titan Guide