Exotic Review: D.A.R.C.I

Thank you for using the Data Analysis, Reconnaissance, and Cooperative Intelligence device. You may call be Darci. It is always helpful to have a companion out in the harsh wilds while battling all the enemies massed against you. Meet Darci, the helpful neighbourhood Exotic sniper rifle that will help you boost your damage and increase … Continue reading Exotic Review: D.A.R.C.I

Exotic Review : No Land Beyond

 Every hit blazes the path to our reclamation. Lore There have been rumours and stories of this weapons existence throughout the world of the Legions of Light. These stories have sent many Guardians clamouring throughout the corners of Old Russia to find this legend. Where did it come from? Some believe that its origins predate … Continue reading Exotic Review : No Land Beyond

Exotic Review : Patience and Time

If you've got it, they'll never see it coming. Lore The Patience and Time is the dream tool of any assassin. Inbuilt enhanced motion sensory systems allows for pinpoint tracking of your targets while aiming down sights while any Guardian who explores deeper into this weapons capabilities will find specialised systems ready to interface with … Continue reading Exotic Review : Patience and Time

Exotic Review : Icebreaker

Please replace these components if use causes fatal damage. HEAT SINK. MAGAZINE. OPERATOR.  Lore The development of the Ice Breaker was a specialised, secretive project done by the Vanguard in conjunction with numerous city weapon foundries. It was undertaken as an exploration of Golden Age technology and the modifications that could be applied to them … Continue reading Exotic Review : Icebreaker

Exotic Review : Hereafter

"Huddled at the mountains base, we had no choice but to beat our ploughshares into swords once more." Lore There was a time before the Darkness came, one of prosperity and limitless wealth. One where we were safe and happy. That is not the present. There was a time when the Worlds began to shift … Continue reading Exotic Review : Hereafter

Exotic Review : Queenbreakers Bow

 Despite the Breakers' treachery. Her Majesty still stands.  Lore The Queenbreakers Bow is an exotic fusion rifle/sniper rifle combination weapon that was moulded to fit the hands of Guardians. During the Reef Wars, the Queen of the Reef, Mara Sov, through manipulation pressed the dwindling House of Wolves into her service. They acted as guards, … Continue reading Exotic Review : Queenbreakers Bow

Exotic Review : Black Spindle

 "Your only existence shall be that which I weave for you out of sorrow and woe." Lore The Black Spindle is a sniper rifle that was created by the daughters of the Taken King Oryx, the infamous Ir Halak the Unraveller and Ir Anuk the Weaver. These two sisters are able to unmake and remake … Continue reading Exotic Review : Black Spindle