Exotic Review: Sunshot

"Can't outrun the sunrise" - Liu Feng The Sunshot is an Exotic handcannon with some pretty impressive stopping power. This solar powered gun utilises the Intrinsic Perk Sunburn which allows it to fire explosive rounds and highlights enemies that take any damage from Sunshot. The highlighting system is not incredibly noticeable, especially in fast paced combat … Continue reading Exotic Review: Sunshot

Battleborn Character Guide : Ambra The Solar High Priestess

Backstory Ambra is a member of the Silent Sisters, a select group of high born Jennerit women who after being trained in the secretive ways of the Silent Sisters from a young age are inducted into the order as a full novitiate and granted the privilege (or curse) of Sustainment which extends their life indefinitely. … Continue reading Battleborn Character Guide : Ambra The Solar High Priestess

Destiny Subclass Guide : Gunslinger

The Gunslinger is the rogue, the bandit, the very picture of a world where the only law is the law of the gun and the difference between survival and defeat is a single well placed bullet. The Gunslinger subclass is the ideal path for the exploratory Hunter, eliminating enemies with a precision that only comes … Continue reading Destiny Subclass Guide : Gunslinger

Destiny Subclass Guide : Sunsinger

The Sunsinger is a burning phoenix risen from the grave that will burn away every opposition you face. It can be utilised as a saving grace with the Fireborn perk that brings you back to life if you are killed or as a weapon of destruction charging into the fray...while on fire. Its primary focus … Continue reading Destiny Subclass Guide : Sunsinger