‘Destiny’ Subclass Concept : Thorndarter (Hunter)

I really liked my Warlock concept for a new subclass so I thought that I would try my hand at a Hunter one as well. The Thorndarter uses the foliage to its advantage, leaping and running through the wildnerness with so much grace that it appears like it is dancing. Unrelenting and merciless, the Thorndarter … Continue reading ‘Destiny’ Subclass Concept : Thorndarter (Hunter)

‘Destiny’ Subclass Concept : Oceantamer (Warlock)

I thought I would try my hand at crafting my very own subclass. This subclass will be one of the Warlock nature who will transmute the awesome and mysterious power of the very oceans into a pinpoint, lethal force against the Darkness. The Oceantamer understands the value of patience and waiting for the right moment … Continue reading ‘Destiny’ Subclass Concept : Oceantamer (Warlock)