‘Destiny : The Dawning’ : Changes For The Nexus Mind Strike

As many of you could have already anticipated the new version of Sekrion, Nexus Mind has entered Destiny as the new Nightfall (Surprising no one). The main new thing, is that this old fan favourite has become Takenified, and borrowed a few tricks from Vault of Glass. For the most part, the mechanics are similar, with … Continue reading ‘Destiny : The Dawning’ : Changes For The Nexus Mind Strike

The Ahamkara

The Ahamkara were a race of dragon-like creatures that inhabited the solar system and became predominant on Earth after the arrival of The Traveler. These magnificent creatures were said to grant power and forbidden knowledge to Guardians who sought them out. However the search for knowledge and power wasn't appealing to all Guardians of the … Continue reading The Ahamkara