Destiny 2: The Revelry Review

Destiny 2's The Revelry is a celebration of life and of the Guardians that protect both the Last City and the Solar System (by killing everything in sight). So, in celebration of our undying, nigh-immortal selves, the Tower has become bedecked in blossoming flowers, as we immerse ourselves in the joyous chaos of Revelry. Fallen … Continue reading Destiny 2: The Revelry Review

Revel In Destiny 2’s Revelry Event

Spring is truly in the air (not in Australia obviously) with the oncoming arrival of The Revelry in Destiny 2. The debut of the spring event has seen flowers blossom in the Tower, breathing new life among the Guardians. One can't help but draw a comparison to the freeing of Bungie and the emergence of … Continue reading Revel In Destiny 2’s Revelry Event